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Unity 3D infrastructure classics prepared with prepared with the infrastructure of FPS games there is a new and beautiful 3D online war game. Before we publish 3D Online FPS, 3D characters in the online game Military Camp, maps and original name that you may encounter with weapons Army Force Online is the difference from the rest of the game to have a membership system. Just a simple 3D Red Army’s panel membership, as in the game within the game. The fast members of the Army War 3D online game where you can enter the battle to be the best among all players. Standard machine guns in the game, binoculars machine guns, pistols and knives, as well as sniper, you may also have weapons such as bazookas and grenades. However, these weapons are supposed to be enough to get your score. In every moment of the day and night you can see that the battle online game players 3D Online Army War Turkey, and the number of foreign players too much. Extensive menu, looks to acclaim with a successful visual effects and fun gameplay style 3D Online Army War began almost as fast to the game.

How to Play 3D Online Army War

3D Online Army War game after loading is complete, you will meet the input screen game. If you can easily member fill out the form by clicking the Register button that you become a member before the game

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3D Online Army War

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